Let's Play

I'm taking Momtographie 2.0 from Beryl Ayn Young right now.  It's a continuation of the class I took last Spring.  That class sparked my love of photography and this blog.  

This week is our first week and she challenged us to find good lighting in not great settings.  To look for light to enhance our photos and make them amazing regardless of the setting.  After all the focus of our photos is generally our family, not the place.  Much like when the spring class started, the weather is less than perfect for outside shooting.  

So S, grandma, and I headed to the nearest mall play place yesterday morning.  I decided to go early so it wouldn't be crowded and I could get a variety of shots without too many other people to avoid or edit out some how.  I expected the photos to be dark and yellow tinted from the indoor lighting.  But, I was pleasantly surprised at how they came out - bright with only a slight yellowish orange tint.  I was able to easily fix this in PicMonkey.

Here's the first set of pictures for Momtographie 2.0.  Now to find an outside place that's not muddy, rainy, icy, or snowy.  HMMMM!!!


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