Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, week 32 - Black and White

I edited this with iPhoto and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Project 365, Days 87-93

I continued using the prompts from Capture Your 365.  These prompts are giving me ideas for both my photographs each day and for activities for the kids on these cold, windy days.  

Day 87 - Vivid
These are 2 of D's new Clip Its from Frozen.  I love how their dresses are so bright and vivid.

Day 88 - Secure
Nothing strikes me as more secure than how a child feels when asleep.

Day 89 - Return
I return to this cup filled with coffee when the day starts to drag.

Day 90 - Lively
D opening birthday gifts.

Day 91 - Focus
Instead of focusing on the boring chore of changing sheets, we focused on having fun together.

Day 92 - Horse
We took some time to build a horse stable with Duplos.

Day 93 - Dark
I'm reading my Kindle in the dark and quiet of the playroom while everyone else watches tv.  The challenge was also to be in the picture.


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