Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 34 - Night

Once again it snowed this week ... A LOT!  I took this photo on Wednesday night when the snow started.  By Thursday morning we had about 7 inches.  We got about 10 inches total with some sleet / freezing rain thrown in for good measure.

Project 365, Days 101-107

A lot of this week's photos show our daily life.  We've been stuck inside because of nasty winter weather.  I'm realizing I can't get technically strong photos inside very often.  However, most of the time the goal is to catch the moments in our lives we want to remember.  We won't frame the photos but we will look back at the photos and remember the love!

Day 101 - Little Heart

Day 102 - It's Still Winter 
So we have to play and jump inside because it's COLD and windy again!

Day 103 - No prompt
Happy Birthday S

Day 104 - Red
We went on a color scavenger hunt and these are the red things the kids found.

Day 105 - Conversation
Who knows what they're plotting?!?!

Day 106 - Amore
What's not to love about licking the cupcake batter bowl?

Day 107 - Geared Up
Blowing out another cupcake candle at his party


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