Saturday, October 22, 2016

Apple Picking

Every Fall I say I want to go apple picking.  Then every Fall somebody is sick, the weather turns nasty, and we don't make it.  This year was different ... WE MADE IT!

Today we went to an apple orchard about an hour west of us.  We got to pick apples - some off the trees and some off the ground.  The kids had fun running up and down the rows of trees looking for apples.  They found a lot of them WAY up high in the trees.  Of course they insisted Daddy try to get them but he was mostly unsuccessful, since he isn't 8 feet tall.  We did collect a large group of apples and a whole bunch of fun memories!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Clarke's Farm

Yesterday I went with S on his preschool field trip to Clarke's Farm.  This is a farm in name only!  Instead it is a big field with a maze, slides, bounce houses, animals to look at, and tons of fun to have!  

S went 3 years ago when D was in preschool but didn't remember it ... although he insisted he did!

This year he's a little bigger but still had a ton of fun!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Family Fun Day

Today was S's Family Fun Day picnic for preschool.  The preschool classes meet at the park, do some art activities, then go play for as long as you'd like.  It's always a fun day because all 4 of us get to go and play!

S did just a couple of activities ... leaf rubbings, spray painting, and searching through straw for plastic eyeballs.  He was too busy wanting to play with D and his friends to be bothered by the other activities.

We also had fun playing on the playground.  The pole was a big hit ... especially with Daddy there to help!

Of course no trip to this park is complete without examining the river!

This is definitely a family day I'll miss when S starts Kindergarten next year!

Friday, September 23, 2016

One More

I feel like this is the summer that just won't quit!  Don't get me wrong ... I love summer!  When we can go to the pool, the park, and the beach.  But right now it's the end of September and none of those things are possible.  They are either closed, too hard after school, or too far away.  However, the weather seems to have forgotten that it is now officially Fall. 

The good thing about hot weather is we do get the chance to play outside.  Today the kids did their usual after school outside playing ... swing set, chalk, and bikes!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

First Responders Festival

It's no secret the weather around our area has been scorching, hot, humid, and generally unfit to be outside.  Today was no different but we braved the nastiness for a bit this morning to go to a community first responders festival.

The kids got to sit in a police car ... this better be the only time I see them getting into the back!


The got to practice how to get out of their rooms and house if there is a fire.

They got to sit in the driver's seat of a fire truck!

But the highlight was putting on the fire marshall's boots!