Happy Easter

I hope you and your family had a wonderful, happy Easter!  Ours sure did!!!!  

We started the fun on Saturday evening by decorating Easter eggs.  We managed to spill 0 cups of egg dye and I only cracked 3 eggs while boiling them.  As you can see, egg dying is a serious and thought provoking experience in our house.

The Easter Bunny left baskets on the table and hid eggs downstairs for the kids on Easter morning.  The baskets had an art book, a book to read, Mad Libs, Tsum Tsums, one small toy, and some chocolate. 

We spent the afternoon with family having another egg hunt and dinner.  It was a great way to spend a warm, Easter Sunday!

Water Balloons!

The first really warm day of Spring calls for water balloons!!  The only bad thing is, it takes 15 minutes to get them ready and 2 minutes to use them up.  Oh well ... it is fun!

Great Country Farm

Today to celebrate Spring Break we ventured to Great Country Farm.  We went last year at Spring Break also.  The kids had so much fun, when I asked what they wanted to do this year the first thing they said was "Great Country Farm!"  So we packed up the van with kids and grandparents and off we went.

Just like last year, the kids had a blast playing on the slides and bouncy pillow.  Like last year I went down a few slides too.  Unlike last year I paid attention to the "12 and under" sign and stayed off of the bouncy pillow!  The kids also fed some goats, bounced on pigs, climbed on a bunch of wooden obstacles, and tried out the rope swing.

And of course, no trip is complete without a little gem hunting!

Last, but not least the kids rode the cow train.  S was till upset we didn't do this last year.  He definitely enjoyed the ride more than D!

Find the Snow Yourself

Sometimes Winter just won't cooperate and give you any measurable snow to play in.  So far this winter we have had exactly 0 inches of snow!  D and S are beyond devastated to not have the chance to sled, build snowmen, and stomp through the snow.  That could be remedied next week, but we will have to wait and see.

Today S had the chance to find some snow at the ice rink.  His preschool went to the local "snow and a story" where they got to play on the ice.  He spent the whole time in a sled being pulled and pulling his friends.  I guess if the snow won't come to you, you go find some yourself!