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Snow and A Story

S's preschool went to the local ice rink today for a field trip.  They got to play on the ice for 45 then minutes then eat cookies, drink hot chocolate, and hear 2 stories.

S didn't know what to think about the ice and zamboni before we went in.

He took the first few steps very carefully.

But before long he was off riding, sledding, playing hockey, and having a blast!

After 45 minutes he was tired and ready for the story and snacks to end the program!

A Taste of Spring

After a LONG stretch of cold, snowy, wintery days this past weekend was gorgeous and in the 60s!  Saturday the kids played outside all day long!  Sunday I packed them up and we headed to the school playground before the rain came in!

First we climbed!

Then we swung around like monkeys!

Finally we slid down!

A taste of Spring was great ... now we need it all the time!

Prime Music

We LOVE music in our house.  Somebody is always singing, humming, or making up their own songs.  Over the weekend we discovered Prime Music through Amazon.  Since then it has been nonstop songs in our house.

Tonight after baths, the kids played some air guitar to "Sister Christian."  Both kids were remarkably good at this!

They also tried to recreate John Cusack's iconic radio scene from "Say Anything."  However, the scene is missing something when you use an iPhone instead of a boom box!

Party Time

Today was S's 4th birthday party.  He invited 3 kids from his preschool class and 2 other friends.  Several weeks ago he decided he wanted the party to be about Paw Patrol.

I forgot how short the attention span of 3 and 4 year olds is!  The kids mainly wanted to play with the many, many toys in the playroom.  We did manage to play "Pin the Badge on Marshall" and go on a bone hunt with puppy masks on.

Of course there was singing Happy Birthday and eating cupcakes!

While the party was largely unorganized chaos, S said he had a good time.  That's all that matters!


Yesterday S turned 4!  I have no idea where the past 4 years went or how he's gotten so big so fast.

We had a relaxing day at home playing, coloring, and watching his favorite tv shows.

He started by opening 2 of his gifts - an Avengers coloring book from D and a Pete the Cat Doodle book.

Then he got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa while I volunteered at D's school and had my hair cut.  They took him to Panera for lunch so he could have "broccoli soup."

Once B got home he opened the rest of his gifts.  To say he was excited to get a train monster truck and robot ramp would be an understatement.  There was much squealing and asking if he could keep them!

To end the evening we had Cici's Pizza as a family and some cupcakes.

52 Everyday Moments

This year I am doing a 52 week photo project called "52 Everyday Moments."  It is run by the owner and author of Songbird and Bear.  I took an online photography class with her several years ago and am excited to participate in this project.  The prompts all deal with everyday moments in life.  They focus on being a parent and capturing kids in photos.

Here are the first 5 weeks of my project.

Week 1 - Snuggled Up on the Couch
Week 2 - At Your Feet
Week 3 - Bath Time

Week 4 - A Special Treat
Week 5 - Reading