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Spring Break Day 1

D's Spring Break is this week.  I'm determined to make each day fun and playful for everyone.  I think we got off to a good start Monday!

We went to the play area of our local mall where D and S climbed on cannons and sailed a pirate ship!  Of course they also flew back the the ship on a magic bird.  They actually played together and nobody fussed when it was time to go!

After lunch and some quiet time we broke out the art supplies.  Over the weekend I'd picked out a few Easter and spring crafts to do throughout the week.  We did 2 of them - bunnies hiding in the grass and Easter egg watercolor painting.

Craft time ended abruptly when the kids (and I) realized it was beautiful outside!  We drew with chalk and blew bubbles first.  Then I became a bad guy who was trying to bounce balls off of the kids' heads.  Eventually I got put into jail and had my bad guy powers taken.  Oh well!  There aren't too many outside photos because it's hard to be the bad guy and shoot …

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 40 - Shoes

Project 365, Days 81-87

Day 81 - Step Outside
Day 82 - Weather
Day 83 - Run Down
Day 84 - Go for a Drive
Day 85 - Escape from the Everyday
Day 86 - Reflections
Day 87 - Hanging

What's Better?

What's better than blowing bubbles outside on a 75 degree, sunny March afternoon?

Nothing??  WRONG!!!!  

Blowing bubbles outside on a 75 degree, sunny March afternoon with GRANDPA!

First you have to give him some lessons though.

And it seems he doesn't always listen to the directions the first time and needs them repeated.

Boys and Their Toys

Some of S's favorite toys at the moment are 3 remote control cars he got for Christmas and his birthday.  Actually it's one train from Santa and 2 emergency vehicles from the grandparents.  He'll quickly let you know that Wilson is a train not a car!  He loves to drive them through our hallway, into the kitchen.  I'm always amazed how he quickly stops the vehicles before they crash down the step into our sunken living room.

I NOT Tired!!

Shortly before Christmas we transitioned S from napping to quiet time.  Bedtime was taking WAYYYYY too long and we decided naps had to go (Sniff! Sniff!).  Like D at his age, we set him up for an hour in his room with books and toys for quiet time.  Some days he would fall asleep, usually behind the rocking chair, and others he'd play.

Yesterday I knew he was tired but he kept saying "I NOT tired!" as he rubbed his eyes furiously.  So I set his clock and told him to have fun playing.  You decide if he was tired ...

Magic ...

Bubbles and sidewalk chalk are magic in our house!  Not only do they disappear at an unbelievable rate; they also cause children to smile no matter what mood they're in.  This was a gorgeous weekend for a change.  We went outside as much as possible.  But each time we headed out the kids were in grumpy moods.  However, as soon as the chalk and bubbles appeared so did the smiles!  MAGIC!!

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 39 - Silhouette

Project 365, Days 74-80

Day 74 - Pattern
Day 75 - Markings
Day 76 - Repeat
Day 77 - Shadows
Day 78 - Stitched
Day 79 - Polka Dots
Day 80 - Swirl


After cold temperatures, snow, sleet, and illness the beginning the week gave us a little hint of spring to come!  The temperatures were in the 70s and the sun was shining.  So of course we took the opportunity to go to a favorite playground after school for a bit.  I don't think I've seen S and D that excited to be outside in a long time!  I left the big camera at home so I could run around with them!  These were taken with my phone.

Ahhhh The Sun ... and a Few Space Men

It's seems like forever since we've had a truly sunny day!  Between snow, sleet, snow, rain, snow, and illness over the past month the sun has been missing in our days!  Today it came out beautifully.  D and S kept staring out of the door saying how bright it was.  Unfortunately our backyard is a mud pit from all the rain and snow.  So we played inside until D and I went to a  birthday party and S and B went to the park.