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Little Feet

I'm reading a photography book, The Unexpected Everyday that has daily prompts to help practice different photography techniques.  Today's was taking pictures of kids' feet while changing focus points on the camera.  

Who knew feet could be so cute?!?!


Rub-a-Dub-Dub 2 dirty kids in a tub!

A few toys here and some soap there!

Washing up without a care!

Project 365

Project 365, Days 263-269

Day 263 - Movement
Day 264 - Jumping
Day 265 - Flying
Day 266 - Rushing
Day 267 - With a Ball
Day 268 - Panning
Day 269 - Making

Let's Paint

On Saturday D and I went on a date together!  We went to a local art studio and painted a mermaid.  D was beyond excited to use "real artist paint!"

Getting ready to paint.
A clean canvas with just the mermaid's body sketched in pencil.
They are starting to take shape.  I'm not sure if there was more paint on the canvas or on D!

D LOVED every moment of painting.  She was careful in mixing colors and painting carefully.

The finished paintings turned out great.

Project 365

Project 365, Days 256 - 262

Day 256 - Golden Notice the golden wheels on the tricycle?
Day 257 - Outstanding An outstanding morning getting ready for school gave us extra time to play!
Day 258 - Sun Kissed D's usually dark hair has very blonde and reddish highlights from the sun.
Day 259 - Outside
Day 260 - Citrus
Day 261 - Liquid Gold Olive oil ... need I say more?!
Day 262 - Scrumptious The colors on D's self-painted mermaid are scrumptious!

Some Mornings

If you know our family, you know that I am NOT a morning person!  Unfortunately the kids are also not morning people.  We tend to be grumpy and unsatisfied by the smallest things.  But some mornings go so well!  Everyone is happy, smiling, and laughing.  They go so well we have time for remote control car fun before the bus comes.  I'd love to see more mornings like this.

Project 365

Project 365, Days 249-255

Day 249 - Strong The bond between cousins
Day 250 - Bold
Day 251 - Where I Stand
Day 252 - Spice
Day 253 - Finish Line Reaching the end of the book
Day 254 - Pause Time to pause the bike riding to blow bubbles
Day 255 - Triumph Both kids in bed after a LONG day!