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Projects 52, and 365

Project 52, Week 1 - Sunflare

I finished my first project 52 last week and started a new one this week!  I love the challenge of photographing something to match the week's topic.

Project 365, Days 334 - 340
I chose to not follow 3 of the prompts for the week.  The prompts dealt a lot with travel and landscape photography.  We're not headed to our vacation for another 6 weeks so I couldn't figure out how to use the prompts.  Oh well, at least I photographed something!
Day 234 - Silhouette 13 months ago I wouldn't have know how to take this shot!
Day 235 - Under the Sun There's a big sky light over the tub.
Day 236 - Explore Exploring what it would be like to jump like a kangaroo!
Day 237 - No prompt I was practicing taking sunflare pictures.
Day 238 - Have a Ball
Day 239 - No prompt Fun with bubbles
Day 240 - No prompt I got in a picture!  I set the camera up and handed it to B.

A to Z Summer Fun Review

We're on a role with our Summer Fun activities.  This week we chose 3 letters - V, B, and J.  They were chosen randomly for a change.  D didn't have a reason for choosing the letter B but ended up being very excited about it!

Volleyball - We tried to hit the ball around like volleyball players but it wasn't too successful with one mommy, a 5 year old, and a 2 year old.  It ended up being chase the ball and kick it down the hill.  But we were outside playing, laughing, and having fun!

Volcano of ice - I found this one Pinterest.  If you've read my blog before you know Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love to find things to do but tend to hate how they come out.  This activity definitely fell into that category.  I froze a mixture of baking soda and water overnight.  We (finally) got the volcano to come out and squirted dyed vinegar onto it.  It should have fizzed and made bubbles.  Instead the whole activity fizzled out with very little happening.  The ki…

Bouncing Again

Back in the Fall I won a free admission to Sport Bounce of Loudoun.  I hadn't taken the kids yet because it was about an hour from the house.  On Tuesday we ventured out and decided to head to the new bounce house!  It was great and completely worth the drive!  It's big, bright, and has a great amount of things for the kids to do.  There are 2 HUGE slides and 4 bounce castles (one for kids 3 and under).  It also has a kangaroo bounce which is a big pillow of air for the kids to bounce on.  D and S had a great time.  They bounced and slid until their little feet were exhausted.  We stopped at McDonald's on the way home for lunch.  And thanks to the Lego Movie no one fell asleep in the car.  That meant great nap time for S and quiet time for D.  We will definitely head back up another day this summer!

Bathtime Bubbles!

I noticed last week didn't feature too many photos of S.  I love photographing him but he's 2!  If you have (or have had) a 2 year old you know they're fast, moody, and demanding.  So getting fun, cute pictures of him can be a challenge.

Tonight he was captive in the bath tub so I took the opportunity to take some photos of him playing with the bubbles.  I caught some cute photos and got to practice shooting in a difficult place!

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 52 - Family

I did it!  I finished my project 52!!!

A family game of Candy Land with Nana!
Project 365, Days 227 - 233

Day 227 - Dear Old Dad
Day 228 - No Prompt Let's Go USA ... all ready for the World Cup!
Day 229 - No Prompt
Day 230 - Field Trip
Day 231 - Historic We found Elsa and Anna dolls!
Day 232 - Where I Stand
Day 233 - Summer

Summer Fun A to Z

We've been having more summer fun around here this week!  Our letters were K and L.  D chose K because she knew she wanted to go to Kidz N Motion.  S chose L because it was "next Naphne's!"
The weather this week was normal for our area ... hot, hazy, and humid!  It was good so many of the activities for the week were inside!

Kidz N Motion - A nearby bounce house D has been begging to go to.  It's also the place where an impromptu end of year preschool playdate occurred that we couldn't attend.  D was very excited to add it to our summer fun list.  We invited some friends and headed over on Wednesday morning.  Everyone had fun!

Kite Suncatchers - A little bit of tissue paper, kite outlines, and contact paper make for a fun craft!

Library - The kids LOVE the library!  Our nearby library has puzzles, toys, computers, and of course lots of books!  We headed there this morning to collect the first of our summer reading coupons and prizes and to play.  The kids each se…

Bounce .... Bounce ... Bounce

I took the kids to a nearby bounce house this morning.  D has been begging to go for the past month and I finally bit the bullet and took the kids today.  We met a friend there so the kids would somebody to play, bounce, and slide with.  

The last time S went he was in a carrier and obviously couldn't do anything.  It was the exact opposite today where he climbed (with my help) up every ladder to slide down, bounced by himself, and even made a quick escape to an obstacle course he was too little to actually go on.  I had to climb in and help him go through.  At the end he asked if he could go again.

D loved every bouncy moment and asked when we could go again!

The photos were HARD to take because the lighting was awful and I was chasing a 2 year old around.  But here are a few to show the fun!

Lavender Farm Fun

The kids and I went to Seven Oaks Lavender Farm today.  I thought it would be fun to take some photos and let the kids explore through the lavender and farm.  Here's a peak at what we saw and did.
First there were bunnies.  The kids went into the pen and were surrounded with adorable, fluffy bunnies.  D tried to pet each and every one she saw.  S showed off his bunny hops and chased the poor things around the pen.

Next they found some horses to bounce up and down on.  Each had to ride both horses.  Luckily there was not arguing over whose turn it was on each horse!

Then it was over to the bales of straw to climb and jump from.  I couldn't get a picture of S jumping since I had to hold his hand and help him.  D did offer to help but I turned her down because a trip to the ER for somebody being broken was not on my plan for the day!

There were rows and rows for the kids to run up and down!

And of course there was some lavender.