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Project 52 and November Gratitudes

Project 52, Week 23 - Fall

November Gratitudes ...

Day 23 - My husband!   He supports in all I do and makes me laugh everyday!
Day 24 - Relaxing at home after a busy day with 2 swim lessons and dinner in the car
Day 25 - Attending school functions for D
Day 26 - The wonder and excitement in the kids' eyes as they watched the first snowfall
Day 27 - Family who accepts you for you!
Day 28 - Continuing the tradition of Black Friday "Girl Shopping!"
Day 29 - Excitement of Christmas approaching
Day 30 - Football on tv ... GO PACKERS!!

Fun Friday ... Girl Shopping

For as long as I can remember my mom and I have gone shopping on Black Friday.  We don't go early and we don't go to get great deals. We go to have fun, laugh, and spend time together.  When D was 3 we decided to start taking her with us.  Now she looks forward to the day and has fondly renamed it "Girl Shopping Day!"  In fact today she declared we should change Thanksgiving to "Thanksgiving, Girl Shopping Eve" since she likes the shopping day so much.

Today we headed to our normal Black Friday mall about 9:00.  We stopped for Starbucks and a snowman cookie on the way.  Our first shop was the book store where D and S each got some new books.  Then it was on to the the mall.  D lucked out and the line for Santa was super short.  So she got to walk through the Frozen themed area and talk to Santa.  Afterwards we had lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  The shopping part of the trip consisted of Gymboree and Williams-Sonoma.  But the joy of the day isn't in the sh…

I Know ... I Know

It's not even Thanksgiving yet ... I know!!  But we did something I swore would never happen in my family!  


So if you don't want to read or see anything about Christmas yet, come back and look on Monday :)

B and I decided to pick D up from school and see if we could visit Santa at the local mall without a huge line.  If you know my family, you know we do NOT have patient kids who can stand in line too long.  Last year we endured a crazy line on an afternoon to visit the big guy.  This year we decided to try and avoid it.  The kids had no idea where we were going.  When we walked into the mall and right up to Santa (with no wait!!) both of them screamed "SANTA!!" and took off.  They sat together and told him they were being "pretty good" but would work harder.  D said she wants the "Sofia the First Royal Prep Academy ... the big one not the little one I already have."  S wants a remote controlled Chuggington train.  …

Project 52 and November Gratitudes

Project 52, Week 22 - Thanks

November Gratitudes

November 16  Making crafts with the kids ... even when they are messy!
November 17 D FINALLY graduating Level 4 of swimming.  A lot of dedication came from her and her coaches to achieve.  She got discouraged but they helped her through and after 15 months her hard work paid off!
November 18  Reading and volunteering in D's Kindergarten class
November 19  The beauty of nature
November 20  Quiet evenings at home with no plans and everyone enjoying being together
November 21  The many teachers I know and have worked with.  They give everything to inspire their students each and every day!
November 22 Time to find fun activities to do with the kids (The bottom turkeys are the final product of our Fun Friday art activity.)

Fun Friday ... Art Project Part 1

Our Fun Friday art project has two parts this week.  We got the first part done this afternoon.  It involved tracing our hands and painting with glittery, liquid watercolors.  You'll have to guess what we made and wait until tomorrow or Sunday to see the final products!

Awards Assembly

I've been to approximately 32 awards' assemblies as a teacher!  I've stood in front of kids and parents  read the names of those who achieved an award.  I've felt pride for each child whose name I did (and didn't) read.  

But last night I sat in my very first award's assembly as a parent.  B and I watched as D's name was called for an Academic Achievement award and Outstanding Attendance.  She walked up to get her awards and shake hands with the biggest smile on her face.  You could see and feel the pride she had for earning these awards.  It was a very special evening for all of us!

She Did It!

If you know our family, you'll know D has had some difficulty with her swimming lessons.  She started as a baby and loved it but starting at around 20 months decided she didn't like deep water.  This progressed and progressed until she would cry when we tried to get her into the water.  So in June 2013 we enrolled her at SwimKids.  She quickly learned to go under, float, blow bubbles, and enjoy the water again.  In August 2013 she started Level 4, where she was expected to learn to swim on her own.  We've been stalled in that level for 15 months.  She made progress, learned to do a basic swim without being held, and got over her fear of deeper water.  But she just couldn't pass the last 3 skills - back kick for 5 yards, roll from front to back to front, and fall in swim around the coach and back to the wall.  Last week she passed the back kick.  And yesterday she did it ... SHE PASSED LEVEL 4!!!!

I can't say enough wonderful things about the coaches and staff at Swi…

Project 52 and November Gratitudes

Project 52, Week 21 - Morning

November Gratitudes

November 9 - Help from friends and family when I need it most
November 10 - Family dinners each night
November 11 - Freedom and those for fight for it!
November 12 - Warm house 
November 13 - Books and sharing a love of reading!
November 14 - Celebrations
November 15 - 1-on-1 time with each of the kids

Fun Friday

We switched things up today and instead of making something for Fun Friday we went out.  We decided to surprise D with a celebration dinner at her favorite restaurant - Smoothie Cafe.  She got her report card yesterday and we're very proud of all she's done this first nine weeks of Kindergarten. So our Friday Fun was a celebration for her.

After dinner we went to the local cupcake store and got cupcakes to bring home.  We had a great time eating them together after dinner.