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Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 48 - Blue

Project 52, Week 49 - Flowers

Project 365, Days 144 - 150
Day 144 - Remembered This is how I want our summer remembered ...
Day 145 - Sacrificing Being healthier and sacrificing chips for salads
Day 146 - Complete D just finished a card for a sick friend.
Day 147 - Spark a Memory My Mom made me a blanket when I was little.  She also made this one for D!
Day 148 - This Moment
Day 149 - Fairy Tales
Day 150 - Keepsake

Five Minutes Photographing Friday Fun ... Water Balloons!


Project 365

Project 365, Day 137 - 143

Day 137 - Space
Day 138 - Empty
Day 139 - Room to Move
Day 140 - Dance
Day 141 - Serenity
Day 142 - Solo
Day 143 - Open

Bubble Mower

We have a bubble mower that has sat in our garage for the last 3.5 years.  Neither D or S have asked about it or wanted to play with it;  until our neighbor started playing with one.  S immediately said "We have one of those!  I want to mow!"  Now the bubble mower has been moved to the deck where it's been played with everyday for the past 5 days!

First you have to pull out the mower.
Next, check to make sure the fluids are at the right levels.
Decide where to mow.
Time to get to work!

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 47 - Letters

D wrote these letters for each of us.  She sat them around the table at the places we sit!

Project 365, Days 130 - 136

Day 130 - Purple
Day 131 - Bottoms Up
Day 132 - In Nature
Day 133 - Edible
Day 134 - Treasures
Day 135 - Depth
Day 136 - Night Sky


Recently D and S have been obsessed with caterpillars.  We have the little fuzzy things all over our yard, trees, deck, play set, etc.  For the longest time S wanted nothing to do with them.  He'd see one, get really close, then run away when it moved.  D on the other hand, has always loved to pick them up and move them to a tree or flower.  Apparently her lack of fear rubbed off on S because now he picks them up with no problem either.

Here's how the typical caterpillar encounter goes ...

1.  Observe and make cute faces

2.  Pick it up and let it crawl on you, making giggling noises the whole time because the "fuzzies" tickle

3.  Find a safe place to "tuck it in" as S says

Kid or Monkey

S has become quite the daredevil at the playground.  He will climb up anything he sees.  Often he chasing after D but he'll go up even if she's not around.  As he climbs he tells me "NO Mommy!  I don't need help!  I can do it myself!"  And he's right he can!  In fact, I think he may be part monkey.

Happy Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day filled with my family, fun, and lots of laughter.  I got beautiful homemade gifts from the kids and B.  I can tell they worked hard and were very proud of their gifts.  S woke me up with the sweetest "Happy Mother's Day" I could have asked for.  He was followed quickly by D carrying an armload of cards, crafts, and pictures she had proudly made for me.

We had a small picnic at my parent's house.  The kids got to run around and play in the various water toys while the adults chatted (and joined the fun too).  We had an easy lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and potato salad!  This was followed up by lemon cake.  It was all perfect!