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Flash Practice

I learned a bit about using my pop-up flash during Momtographie 2.0.  Mainly I learned how to dial down the intensity so it doesn't wash out the subject of the photo.  I don't use the flash much but today's a dreary day perfect for practicing.

D decided to play fairies (again) in the playroom.  I decided to practice using the flash.  A win for both of us!

These photos are straight out of the camera without any edits!  I'm fairly impressed with how they came out.

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 44 - Make Believe

Project 365, Days 171-177

S is in the "cheese" phase of life where he jumps in front of the camera whenever I have it and yells, "CHEESE!"  That makes me laugh because I've never had him or D say cheese for the camera.  Most of the photos this week are of D because of the goofy phases he keeps making.

Day 171 - Gathered Ready for an egg hunt at Nana and Pop-Pop's on Easter
Day 172 - Multi-colored
Day 173 - No Prompt
Day 174 - Peaceful D playing peacefully with her fairies.
Day 175 - No prompt
Day 177 - Thoughtful D trying to figure out how her bike works.

Blowy Flowers

It's always amazing to me when one of the kids finds something so simple and clings to it!  D loves all things flower outside.  So this time of year is heaven for her.  Her favorite at the moment is the seeded dandelions which she calls "blowy flowers."  Whenever she sees one she has to stop, pick it, and send the seeds in a hundred different directions.  No matter her mood (or mine) it creates an instant smile.


Who knew doing a somersault is so much fun?

And yet so hard ...

Easter Afternoon

Get Ready ...

Get Set ...


Find the Easter Eggs in Nana and Pop-Pop's yard!

Easter Part 1 ... At Home

Saturday night we put the kids to bed at their regular time.  About 10 minutes later I hear a little voice call worriedly "Mommy?"  I go over the steps and D is standing at the top looking upset.  When I asked her what was wrong she replied, "The Easter Bunny needs some carrots and something to drink.  He's going to be hungry and I don't want that."  So together we put some baby carrots and a glass of water on the table for him.  As we went back up the steps she looked at me and said, "Thanks mom!  Now I feel so much better!"

Sunday morning the kids were treated with Easter Bunny treats and hidden eggs in the morning.  I'm sure D thought it was because she had left him the carrots.  They quickly scoured their baskets.

Belle clip-it, Fancy Nancy puzzle, Princess notebook, chocolate bunny
Imaginext Ambulance and police officer with dog, Planes coloring book, chocolate
Then it was time to find the 2 dozen eggs the Bunny hid around the basement.  He k…

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 43 - Love

There is nothing I love more than watching B and the kids play together!

I took this with my Lensbaby which I have been playing with a lot this week!

Project 365, Days 164-170

I didn't use too many prompts from Capture Your 365 this week.  Instead I just shot photos of everyday life and focused on capturing the simple things.

Day 164 - Comical
Day 165 - No prompt
Day 166 - No prompt
Day 167 - Where I stand
Day 168 - Starts with B Baby Boy and Big girl
Day 169 - No prompt
Day 170 - No prompt
Plus a bonus photo from today that was my second choice for Day 170.

Egg Dying