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Magic Show Morning

D got a magic kit for Christmas.  She had been working on learning some of the tricks but then broke her wrist.  She quickly found out most of the tricks needed 2 working hands/arms to do well.  But she also found out S makes a great assistant for the tricks she can do.  Over the past couple of days they have been perfecting a magic show to share.  This morning they performed for me before school!

The first trick was walking without seeing!

Next they made Turtley appear from the hat.

Then they made Yoda disappear in the magic box.

The grand finale was using their "contraption" (their word) to turn S into a ...

blue car!

They had a great time practicing and performing.  They are already trying to figure out what the newest tricks will be!

Train Fun

When D was younger she got really into the Chuggington train show and toys.  We bought her several of the trains and lots of track.  She would play for hours with the trains.  Then S came along and he LOVES trains!  We added to the Chuggington collection with a few new trains and more track.  He would spend hours playing with them.  Over the past year the trains have taken a back seat to Legos, Avengers, Elves, and dolls.  We picked up the track and put it into boxes.  They were still within reach for the kids to play with but they didn't.  Then on Friday both kids decided to pull the trains back out.  D created an amazing track layout for them to play with.  The two kids have spent countless hours downstairs playing trains together WITHOUT FIGHTING!

The Cast

D slipped in the mud on Friday and fractured her left wrist.  Today she saw the orthopedic surgeon.  The doctors described the break as "boring!"  Which in this case is a good thing ... nothing but a cast for 3 weeks required!

After being presented with a page full of options for the cast color, she chose a blue paw print!  Then the self-proclaimed "cast fairy" said she could have blue and purple glitter added!  


On Friday we took the kids to a local indoor playground!  They got to bounce, slide, and play on bumper cars.  They even got to shoot soft balls at each other!  Everyone had a great a time!

Would you believe the day ended in the ER with a broken wrist?!?!  The funniest part ... the injury occurred running in the back yard and NOT at the playground place!