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Today we did our activity for letter V ... visit grandparents.

We started by playing in the sandbox.  Grandpa had thought about getting rid of the sandbox because D and S don't play in it much.  But today they had a blast!

After lunch everyone got in the pool.  Well, not Grandma ... but she did get in on the fun!

We ended the afternoon with some slip n slide fun!

Not sure who's more tired - the kids or grandparents!

2 Wheels

D has been doing an amazing job riding her bike with training wheels.  Turning, stopping, riding quickly all with no trouble.  So B decided it was about time to take off the training wheels.

This morning we headed to a local middle school with some good flat grassy areas.  D was extremely nervous to start with so we took off one wheel first. 

She did a great job so off came the other trying wheel.  After a few wobbly tries she was off with little trouble!  Starting and making turns took a bit of practice but she didn't give up and got both of them. 

She was very proud of herself ... and so were we!

Fun in the Sand

This afternoon the kids decided to play in the sand table.  They haven't played in it for a while and we almost sold it in our yard sale.  But we decided to keep it for the summer to see if it got used.  It's certainly getting used right now!

I'm not entirely sure what the kids are doing.  I know it involves dinosaurs who eat by sticking their heads in the sand.  Other than that I truly have no idea what is going on.  I do know D and S are playing together (with minimal fighting) outside and smiling a lot ... and that's all that matters for me!

The First Summer Outing

We used today's amazing weather to go on our first summer outing today!  We went to our favorite playground - Clemyjontri.  The kids love the many areas of the playground with slides, climbing toys, a maze, swings, etc.  It's about a 45 minute drive so we don't get there often.  But when we do go the kids have a blast.

This trip also fit into our A to Z Summer Fun list for "c" ... Clemyjontri!

Chalk it Up

The kids' favorite outside toy right now is sidewalk chalk.  Yes you read that correctly ... sidewalk chalk!  They spend hours drawing and writing on our asphalt driveway.  When ours is covered, they move to a neighbor's driveway and decorate it with their friends.  The best parts:  1.  The mess is outside!  2.  As soon as it rains (which has been a lot recently) they get a new canvas for artwork!

Let's Celebrate

D had a Stealth Team pool party last night!   We were going to stop her lessons since she can swim but then she was asked to join the prep team about a month ago.  So she is still swimming, and still loving it!

We can't say enough great things about Swim Kids!  We have been swimming there for almost 4 years and their coaches are amazing!  They truly love working with kids and know exactly what to do when a kid is scared of the water, like D was.  They have been patient, kind, trusting, and built her confidence up beyond measure!

She had a blast at the party and LOVED getting her newest trophy!