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5 Minutes ... Outside

I'm trying something new to challenge myself to get quicker at photographing the kids.  I'm giving myself 5 minutes to shoot photos of whatever they're doing.  When that 5 minutes is up I'm done with the camera and on to playing with them.  This challenge helps me get quicker with the camera, and more importantly gives me more time to play with the kids!

Today I photographed S playing outside!

Projects 52 and 365

OOPS!!!  No project 52 photo yet.  The subject is "sunset" but it's been cloudy in the evenings so my sunsets look gray and ugly.  

Project 365, Days 109 - 115

Day 109 - Symmetry
Day 110 - Words
Day 111 - Both Sides Match
Day 112 - Hands Full
Day 113 - The Early Bird
Day 114 - Two by Two
Day 115 - Frame Filled

5 Minutes ... In a Box

It's no secret kids love to play in cardboard boxes.  Thursday we got a huge pantry box from Amazon!  It is currently providing great entertainment for S and D.  Here's a quick 5 minute photo shoot of S playing!

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 43 - Shadows

Project 365, Days 102 - 108

Day 102 - ROYGBIV D insisted I add another row of the picture since here rainbow song includes purple instead of indigo and violet!
Day 103 - Opposites D and S are often the opposite of each other.  D's colors also fall on opposite sides of the color wheel
Day 104 - Blue
Day 105 - Up in the Air
Day 106 - Naturally Bright
Day 107 - Flashy This photo was fun to take and edit.  It also was selected as the Picture of the Day on Capture Your 365!
Day 108 - Collection


Yesterday my project 365 prompt was "blue."  I looked around all day to find something to photograph but nothing jumped out.  When it came time for S's bath I was completely stumped as to what to snap a picture of.  Until he asked for bubbles in the bath.  Wouldn't you know, the bubble container was blue!?!?!

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 42 Low Angle

Project 365, Days 95 - 101

Day 95 - Gathered Together
Day 96 - Bunch
Day 97 - Where I Stand
Day 98 - Cheers
Day 99 - Layered
Day 100 - Step Outside
Day 101 - Prepared


We've had nothing but rain for the past week!  It's been cool and nasty.  But at least it isn't snow!!!!
Every time we run an errand or go get D from the bus stop S begs to jump in the puddles.  This morning at the grocery store was no different.  I promised him that we'd go out after lunch.  And we did.  Unfortunately the puddles had all dried up and we couldn't find any to hop in.  Luckily Daddy came to the rescue and made S his own puddle to splash in.

What's More Fun Then ...

Bubble wrap on a rainy Wednesday evening???