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Decorating Fun!

Yesterday we decorated for Christmas.  The kids were beyond excited to get started!  Since Thanksgiving S has asked every night at bed it "After this sleep will it be Christmas?"  Poor kid has a long wait ahead of him!

B pulled out the tree to put the lights on and set out the ornaments while the kids had quiet time.

Then the kids came up and started decorating.  Everyone got to put up their new or favorite ornament.

A mermaid for D.

S got a new train.

B chose his Packers Santa and I put up my I Want a Hippopotamus.

Both kids also had to put something at the top.  D wants to help us find a star for the treetop.  S says we can just go outside and get from the sky at night.

All done!

We also hung the stockings.  This year they can actually hang instead of sitting behind the holders.

Project 365

Project 365, Days 319-325

Thankful for ...

Day 319 - Background So glad D loves learning!
Day 320 - Itty Bitty It makes my heart sing to see D and S work and play together!
Day 321 - Leaves I love how something so simples causes such amazing smiles!
Day 322 - Family
Day 323 - From Above Everyday I'm reminded of the magic little hands can and will do!
Day 324 - Spy D and S love making up games to play together. 
Day 325 - Natural Habitat Thankful the kids love books and right at home in a room full of them!


S has recently developed a love of puzzles.  He'll sit and do puzzle after puzzle after puzzle in the tv room.  Sometimes he asks for help but most of the time he does them all on his own.  Right now he's working on puzzles with 12 - 24 pieces.  But he informed me yesterday that these puzzles were getting "a little bit" easy.

Project 365

Project 365 Days 312-318

Thankful for ...

Day 312 - Color I love being able to look out my front door and see the amazing colors in the sunset!
Day 313 - Rainbow Thankful to have cheerful colors to look at on a dreary, rainy day!
Day 314 - Amber This amber heart jewelry reminds me of Brian's love! Even when he's traveling for work I feel his love and know he's thinking about us at home.
Day 315 - Twilight After a wonderful day with my kids I'm thankful for the freedom to look out of the door and see the amazing twilight!
Day 316 - Golden Brown No matter how busy the day, we make time for a family dinner!
Day 317 - A Shade of Pink Happy to share in bath time giggles!
Day 318 - Multicolored I love that the kids enjoy reading and writing!


Today S had some of the Sour Patch Kids candy from Halloween.  He picked that as his treat after lunch.  I knew he'd make some great faces, so naturally I grabbed the camera!

Project 365

Project 365, Days 305-311

This month all of the project 365 prompts are based on "Thankful for..."

Day 305 - Who I Am
Day 306 - A Sister
Day 307 - Where I Stand
Day 308 - Mothers
Day 309 - My Style
Day 310 - Ideas
Day 311 - This Life

Indian Summer

Did you know Indian Summer is when you have unseasonably warm days after a freeze?  We didn't know that until earlier in the week when we heard the weatherman talking about it.  We have experienced some great weather this week, with today being the highlight.  There was no way to let the day go without playing outside after school.

Halloween 2015

We tried to keep Halloween pretty low-key!

We started with a trip to Michaels to paint Trick or Treat bags.  The kids had a blast making handprint ghosts and polka dots.  The bonus was getting to wear their costumes!

Next we headed to friends' house for a playdate before trick or treating.  Their was a lot of running around and energy filled kids.  But everyone had fun!

Then it was home for dinner and getting ready.

Finally we headed up for some trick or treating!  I took the kids out and we managed to go around to the whole neighborhood!