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Easy Outside Fun

For the third day in a row, the weather here has been amazing!  Highs near or just over 80 with low humidity.  The kids (and B and I) have spent a ton of time outside.  In fact the kids are playing outside with a friend as I type.  We couldn't ask for better weather right now.  Of course the temperature and humidity are supposed to increase as the week continues but I'm not going to complain (yet)!

We started the morning with more bubbles and bike riding on the driveway.  D and S have created some game where she rides after him because he's the "baddy."  They go in and out of the garage laughing the whole time.  There was also some bouncing on the neighbor's trampoline.

While the kids did this I created an obstacle course on the driveway for them.

1.  Blow 2 bubbles
2. Jump in the circles
3.  Ride to the garage
4.  Draw a sun
I promised to make a bigger, wetter obstacle course later in the week!

Let's Make Bubbles

What happens when you mix water, dishwashing soap, and sugar?  You make a really great bubble solution to use outside.  D's class did this at the end of the school year and she talked nonstop about how awesome it was.  And she was right!

Take a straw, dip it in water, then into the bubble solution.  Place the straw on a wet surface and blow gently...

You can make gigantic bubbles!

Then if you get your hand wet you can hold the bubble!

This was a great, easy outside activity to make.   We will definitely do it again!

A to Z Fun - N, P, S

Our first full week of summer break went well!  Our named days of the week (Make it Monday, Take it Outside Tuesday, Where to Wednesday, Thinking Thursday, Family Fun Friday) provided good ideas for fun.  Plus we did the letters N, P, and S on our A to Z Summer Fun list.

N ...
Newt art project  We all enjoyed painting our newts and decorating their logs!
Noodles - My idea was to make some art with noodles but we didn't get around to it.  We did eat noodles so maybe that counts?!?!

P ... Pirate Ship The kids created pirate ships with marshmallows for sails!
Pool We went to the pool on Friday afternoon.

Puddles We added this one to the list after it rained and rained and rained some more on Saturday.  The kids begged to go jumping in puddles so I said yes and off we went!

S ... Splash We had a great trip to a new splash park!
Superheroes - We didn't get to doing any superhero crafts.  But I'm planning on painting with S's Avengers some time soon!
Next week are the letters F, O, and R!

Project 365

Days 172-178

Day 172 - Perspective
Day 173 - On the Ground
Day 174 - Eye Level
Day 175 - Up High
Day 176 - From Below
Day 177 - Scale
Day 178 - Forced

Pool Time!

Fridays are set to be "Family Fun Friday" since B works from home in the AM and is off in the PM.  Unfortunately he's still feeling under the weather today!  

To keep the "fun" in our day I braved the pool with the kids by myself.  I am surprised at how great they did.  Nobody fussed going under water, D played with S nicely, and nobody complained when it was time to go home!  It was a great 2 hours at the pool for all of us.  (And hopefully Daddy can go next time.)

We were in the water less than 5 minutes when the whistles blew for 15 minute break.

An ice cream treat during the second break time

A race where D swam and S walked!


For "Thinking Thursday" D and I went to the library to think and learn about butterflies.  She LOVES butterflies and wants to learn all she can about them.  Today we found out the difference between moths and butterflies, some defense mechanisms, and how the caterpillars differ.  D asked the question about caterpillars.  We also saw pictures of various butterflies and moths.  Then we went outside and sprayed a butterfly shirt.  It was a fun way to spend the morning.

New Places

Wednesdays are "Where to Wednesday" this summer.  

Today we took a trip to a local playground and spray ground.   The playground is a big area that looks like trees with MANY ramps and slides.  The spray ground is a zero depth area with sprinklers and water tables.  The most amazing part ... they are free!!!  The kids LOVED the areas and we will definitely go back.