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Sometimes ...

Sometimes the stars align just right .... sometimes the kids play together nicely doing an activity about Pigeon, Duckling, and a Mad Cow - Thank you Mo Willems!!!

Balance Bike Fun

Spencer had some fun on his balance bike today!!

Library Love!

My kiddos LOVE the library!  They can't wait to go and find new books, do puzzles, and participate in the programs they have.  We have a new neighborhood library less than 10 minutes from our house that opened over the winter.  S and I try to take a trip each week to get books and/or attend a program.  D is often sad she doesn't go as often.  But I do make sure she gets there at least every other week for an art program and to get books.

Yesterday I took my camera to catch some pictures of S.  I did get a few funny looks but tried not to let that deter me.  I also got some fun photos!

Project 52

Finally got my computer back!  It runs so much faster and without freezing.  YAY!!!

Week 10 - Your Child's Room

Week 11 - Up High

Week 12 - Grocery Store

Week 13 - Sticky Fingers