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Project 365 - The Beach Edition

Here are some pictures from our beach trip last week!  I managed to keep up with my project 365!

Day 234 - Intense Nothing quite as intense as opening a boogie board while being watched by the 3 year old owner!

Day 235 - Lazy Days

Day 236 - Outdoor Cooking
No outdoor cooking on vacation ... but lots of fishy cracker opening!

Day 237 - Put Your Feet Up

Day 238 - Dog Days of Summer

Day 239 - Nostalgic

Day 240 - Easygoing

Day 241 - Take A Nap
No matter how tired D and S were yesterday, the only nap taken was by the dolls!

Project 365

Project 365, Days 221 - 227

Day 221 - Red
Day 222 - A Spot of Red
Day 223 - Hodgepodge
Day 224 - Season's Best
Day 225 - Portrait with Red
Day 226 - In a Glass
Day 227 - In the Sky

Let's Hit the Green!

Yesterday I took the kids to a local mini golf course in the morning.  The course is very wooded and has a lot of hills and bends in each hole.  Each managed to get a hole-in-one!  D did it all by herself!  I helped S a bit (A LOT actually).  

I only took a few photos over a span of 5 minutes so I could really engage with the kids and enjoy the time together.  I can't believe in just 2 weeks D will be back at school and in 3 weeks S will be in preschool!

Ice Cream Cones

Yesterday we had a little treat for S's "half-birthday."  We went to Giant and got ice cream cones and ice cream.  After dinner we took our ice cream outside.  It made quite a mess but the kids loved it.  S  ate the entire cone - ice cream and cone.

First they examined the cones and ice cream to be sure everything seemed to be okay.

Then they dug in to enjoy the sweet goodness!

Finally we had to do some clean up.

Our (Dreary, Rainy) Day

Ever wonder what a summer day looks like with 2 kids who are both tired of being at home?  2 kids stuck inside most of the day because of the rainy, misty weather?  Here's our day ...

6:20 - Just I'm up!  A chance to have some coffee!
7:20 - S is up and having some bowling practice.
8:20 - Both kids are up, dressed, fed, and playing (peacefully) a ring toss game.
9:20 - Must get out of the house!  So off we go to Target.
10:20 - Back from a fairly peaceful trip to Target with Starbucks of course!
11:20 - Kids are playing trains together while I do a load of laundry (new clothes from the Target trip).
12:20 - Quiet time for everyone.
1:20 - A bit of tv on a misty afternoon.
2:20 - Mail's here!
3:20 - The misty, raininess has stopped for a bit so time to go outside.
4:20 - Monopoly Jr.  I won once and S won once.  Poor D had the worst luck with games this afternoon!
5:20 - Getting ready for dinner - Santa Fe Turkey breasts.  Everyone enjoyed and even liked dinner!!!
6:20 - Family game ti…

A to Z Review

Our Summer Fun list only has 6 letters left - 3 for this week and 3 for next week!  As the summer has progressed, we haven't done all of the ideas or topics on the letters.  The kids have been happy running around in the yard, playing in pools, and riding bikes.  The ideas from the list have led to some adventures but are more there for when we don't know what to do.

This week we did letters 

G ...

Giraffe - D made this giraffe all by herself.   She chose the materials to use then went to work.

Games - We played lots of game this week, like most weeks.

C ...

Crayons - We have a TON of crayons in our house.  They are regular crayons, glitter crayons, construction paper crayons, twisty crayons, etc.  So this week we worked hard to color with our crayons.

L ...

Ladybugs - This was a fun craft both kids enjoyed doing on a rainy day.