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A Dream Come True!

D loves giraffes!  2 years ago we went to the National Zoo and she talked about seeing the giraffes for weeks before we went.  As soon as we got to the zoo we asked to see the giraffes.  We quickly found out there are NO giraffes anymore!  She was heartbroken.

So today we made her dream of seeing live giraffes come true.  We went to the Richmond Zoo which has several giraffes.  Not only did she see them, she got to feed them!

We learned giraffes have dark purple tongues to keep them from getting sunburned.  The tongues are rough and the giraffes like to lick.  S wasn't sure about the whole long tongue and squealed with frightened delight whenever the giraffe took the food from his hands.  D couldn't stop smiling and will probably talk about this trip for the next year.  Great memories made today!

We LOVE to Jump!

D and S LOVE to jump.  They'll jump anywhere - inside, outside, off the steps, off the retaining wall, on the trampoline, into the pool, etc.  I think you get the picture.  So what better place to run off some energy and jump around than a trampoline park?!?!

I only took pictures for 5 minutes.  Then I went and joined the FUN!!!


The heat and humidity are back with a vengeance here!  The high is in the low nineties and it feels like 100+.  Not great for playing outside.  But I did manage to get outside with the kids for a bit.  They were going crazy inside and needed to run off some energy.

So we took a quick bike ride this morning.

Then this afternoon we sailed our ship looking for treasure.

The weather doesn't look like its cooling off anytime soon.  Tomorrow we're off for some inside fun then swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's.


Today we painted stripes on construction paper.  Why you ask?!?!  It goes along with our letter Z this week.  We haven't finished the project yet so I'm not telling what exactly we're making.  But trust me that the kids are excited and had fun painting stripes today!

A to Z Fun - K, Y, V

It was another fun week around our house!  We picked some great letters for our activities!!!

K ...

Kites - We made paper kites using yarn painting.  Tomorrow we're going to try and fly them.  I'm not too hopeful that this will go well.

Kid's Choice - I made sure to ask the kids what they wanted to do throughout the week.  Their ideas included going to the park on Wednesday and pulling out the pool.

V ...

Very Fun - We had a very fun time at Clemyjontri Park with some friends!  The weather was HOT but we found some shade.  The kids had fun running around with their friends and the adults had fun chatting and playing.

Y ...

Yarn Painting - This was a fun, messy outside painting activity.  The kids slid yarn through paint then onto a paper.  We then cut the paper into kite shapes.

Yes - I tried to say yes as much as possible this week.  We had a breakfast picnic, played water balloons, painted with our toys, and dug in Grandpa's garden!

Project 365

Project 365, Days 200 - 206

Day 200 - Placement
Day 201 - Arranged Neatly D has her crayons in the order she needs them for coloring.
Day 202 - Midpoint
Day 203 - Natural Beauty
Day 204 - Stacked
Day 205 - Mirrored
Day 206 - On the Right Side