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Easter Fun

We enjoyed a wonderful, Easter together this past weekend!

On Saturday we dyed Easter eggs.  It took very little time!  I remember being very thoughtful in what colors to use and making my eggs multi-colored.  But S and D take whatever colors are nearest them and dump an egg in.  Then they wait a few seconds, look at it, and decided if it's done.

On Easter, the Easter Bunny left the kids baskets filled with fun toys for outside this spring and summer.  He also hid chocolate filled eggs throughout the playroom and tv room.

We had a great afternoon and dinner at Nana's house.  There was another egg hunt.  This one happened outside.

Great Country Farm

Today we took a trip with Grandma and Grandpa to Great Country Farm.  It's a working pick-your-own farm with tons of slides and fun things for the kids to do!

Getting there was an adventure of it's own with windy country roads, gravel roads, and one lane roads.  But after about an hour and a half we made it safely to the farm.

We started by greeting a giant cow.  Grandpa was less than impressed with cows!

Then we moved on to some bouncing cows!

From the bouncing cows we moved to the bouncing pillow.

There wer MANY MANY slides to go down.  Some were fast.  Some were slow.  And some had very hard drops at the bottom!

We rode some scooters that moved when you moved the handle bars side to side.

At the end of the trip we even sluiced for gems!

I'm sure everyone had a great time!  I know I did!!!!

Over the Creek

Today it is 45 and rainy!  But yesterday it was 70 and sunny!  So after school I took the kids to a nearby park.  It has a small creek which the kids LOVE!  

They were content just looking at the creek from the bank for a bit.

Then D decided she wanted to make a leaf boat.  This of course led to S wanting to make one too.

What fun are leaf boats if you can't float them down the water?

Once they floated their boats, they had to make more.  Somehow this turned into needing to jump across the creek in order to get to a good place to launch the boats. 

And yes ... S did end up landing in the creek, making his shoes and cuffs wet!

Big Boy Bike

S loves to ride his tricycle!  He is a speed demon who has no fear.  The only problem ... his knees hit his chin as he pedals.  So yesterday we went to Toys R Us and he got a brand new big bike!  It's a 16 inch green bike.  He was so excited to try it out today!

It only took him a couple of minutes to figure out who to pedal without braking!  He took off and kept up with D with few problems.  Looks like a lot of bike riding is in our future!

Project 52

February was a whirlwind of crazy!  Snow, birthday parties, illness.  I did manage to keep up with both my project 365 and project 52.  Here are the photos from each week of February.

Week 5 - Reading

Week 6 - Creating

Week 7 - Hugs and Kisses

Week 8 - A Favorite Toy