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Friday Fun ... The Halloween Photos!

Happy Halloween!

Field Trip!

I got to go with D's class on their field trip yesterday.  We went to ...

The weather was great - no jackets needed and the rain held off.  And I mean it just barely held off!  I wasn't home 10 minutes before it started pouring!!

D and her classmates had a great time.  First we took a hayride.  D has been on a couple and said this one was "Okay.  Not the best one but still fun!"  After that each group went their own way and found tons of fun stuff to do.

1.  Dig in a pile of sand
D didn't find anything except for rocks.  There was supposedly coins hidden but nobody was finding any.

2.  Slide down long and not so long slides

3.  Climb on various wooden play structures including pumpkins, trains, castles, and tractors

4.  Roll and get rolled in large plastic tubes down a small hill

As we left each child got a small pumpkin to take home!
D couldn't tell me what her favorite part was. She said it was all fun and she wanted to take S and Daddy back.


We had some fun playing in the leaves this weekend!  It's such fun to watch the kids play together outside.  Of course B and I got in on it too!!

Slice of Life, Week 5

I loved (again) this week's theme and focus for "Slice of Life" class.  The theme was storytelling.  Using photos to tell a story.  But the story doesn't have to be of a big event or amazing moment.  Our most important stories, the ones we want to remember are our everyday lives.  This theme forced me to slow down and really appreciate all I have in my day and my life!  The focus was using capturing both the big picture and the details of the story.  I had to step back to capture it all and move close to find the small things.  The second part of the week was "Stop and Wait!"  Don't just start shooting, but observe for a second.  When you feel the moment coming then shoot.  I caught some great shots doing this!

When she gets home from school, D gets to have a snack and watch tv for a little while.  This is the story of the start of our afternoons.

This picture captures S's fit over not being able to have any more fishy crackers.  The rough, unhappy st…

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 18 - Spooky
Edited with D was not too happy that I did this to her brother!
Project 365, Days 353 - 359

Day 353 - Return Cool weather came back so S had to return to his coat.
Day 354 - No prompt
Day 355 - No prompt
Day 356 - 20
Day 357 - Where I Stand
Day 358 - No prompt
Day 359 - Costumed

Friday Fun ... The Frozen Addition

Back in May I saw an ad for Frozen on Ice.  I bit the bullet and bought tickets for D and I to go.  Last night was the big night!  

To say D was excited would be a gross understatement!  She woke up ready to go and was all smiles from that minute on.  She managed to have a good day at school, although I'm sure she asked her teacher a million times when it was time to leave.  She jumped off the bus, ran to the house, and quickly changed into her Frozen dress.  As soon as B got home we left to find dinner and our way to the venue.

Dinner was a fancy McDonald's Happy Meal and Quarter Pounder.  Then it was to the rink.  There was Frozen EVERYWHERE!!!  D got a flashing snowflake light!

We had a little snafu with our original seats.  The railing and sign above the entrance blocked our views.  Of course this wasn't mentioned when I purchased seats.

The wonderful man at guest services hooked us up with new seats!

Then the show started.  D was enamored with everything happening.  They h…