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Birthday Party

Today was D's birthday party for her friends.  She chose a LEGO Friends theme!  We decorated with the bright colors the Friends like.

Each of the kids put together a LEGO card holder.  They had butterflies with their names to put on the holder after it was built.

Because the Friends love jewelry, fashion, and crafts D wanted to do some crafty things.  So we made necklaces with pony bead and some popsicle mosaics.

Of course no party is complete without cupcakes and gifts.

Birthday Fun

Today is D's 7th birthday!  I was lucky enough to get to spend the day with her since school was cancelled (again) for snow. 

We started the day with some presents.

Then D spent some time putting together her new Elsa Lego castle.  She put the whole thing together by herself.  She worked on it throughout the day and was beyond proud when she finished!

We also went to the local bounce house for some bouncing fun!

We ended the day with a family dinner out and some cupcakes.

Not sure where the last 7 years have gone!

A Sledding We Will Go!

The snow finally melted and refroze enough we could trudge up the hill near our house to do some sledding.  B had the great idea to sled down a few times, making a flat and packed path to walk back up!  Genius!

To say we had fun would be an understatement.  The kids were worried there wouldn't be any snow left to sled on tomorrow.  We assured them there is more than enough snow for several more days of sledding!

Have Some Snow

So, we got a little bit of snow in our area from Friday afternoon until late last night.  As in, it snowed for 30 plus hours without stopping!  I have never seen anything like it.  We're estimating we got around 30 inches of snow before it was all done.  It's hard to tell because 1)  there was also wind to blow snow everywhere and 2) B shoveled 4 different times!

Today we went outside to play.  The problem is, the snow is too deep to do much.  Want to make a snowman?  Sorry can't roll a snowball in the deep snow.  Want to go sledding?  Sorry can't make it back up the hill in the deep snow.  Instead the kids played in the front yard and sledded a bit on the pipestem with the kids from next door.

School is closed at least tomorrow and Tuesday so we're going to have to find some things to do inside!

Snow Day 1

Wednesday evening we got less than an inch of snow.  No big deal usually!  This time a huge deal because it's been below freezing and the roads weren't treated at all.  Every flake stuck to the ground creating an evening commute nightmare!  Luckily B was ahead of the snow and made it home easily. However the small snow did cause school to be cancelled on Thursday.  Besides wait on the blizzard (an actual blizzard with 24+ inches of snow and winds) here's what we did on our day off ...

6:30 - A few minutes of quiet knitting before the kids get up!

7:30 - Muffins and TV

8:30 - Time to draw

9:30 - Dolls are ready for the snow

10:30 - Shoes on and out the door

11:30 - Waiting at the doctor (with everyone else) to get S's cough checked.  Nothing wrong just a cough!

12:30 - McDonalds

1:30 - Some coffee to reenergize for the afternoon

2:30 and 3:30 - Movie Time!  Of course the kids couldn't agree on a movie so S watched "Polar Express" upstairs and D watched "Descen…

Where I Stand

My photo prompt for today was "Where I Stand."  Here is a glimpse of the many places I stood during the day ...

Surrounded by groceries

Emptying the dishwasher

Amongst piles of laundry

Playing with Monster Trucks