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Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 40 - Fall

I took my big camera to the ice rink for D's preschool program in hopes of catching a fall.  This is what I got.

Project 365, Days 143-149

Day 143 - Phone Art Taken and edited on my iPhone.
Day 144 - A lineup
Day 145 - No Prompt Is that snow again?!?!
Day 146 - Arch D told me her necklace made an arch when she looked at it.
Day 147 - Where I Stand
Day 148 - Foreground
Day 149 - Luck Hallway bowling on a nasty, rainy (at least it isn't snow) day!

Snow and A Story

D's preschool arranges for the kids to go to the local ice arena in the Spring to play on the scratched up ice and hear a story.  It's a neat program with toys, balls, and sleds on the ice to play with.  Usually it hasn't snowed too much or recently and it's a change of pace for the kids.  Of course this year we've had some sort of snow most of the winter.  In fact it snowed on Monday!  D told me this morning she was excited to go but wished it was the beach and a story instead of snow.  Of course that didn't stop she and S from having a great time!

Of course the best part was the cookies afterwards!


Last night I had a webinar for the photography class (Momtographie 2.0) I just finished.  The main focus of the webinar was our intentions for our photography journey.  What are we hoping to achieve and feel as a result of our photography?  What is our next goal or step in our photography journey?  The instructor (Beryl Ayn Young) talked about feeling like we're not enough of something and how to turn this into being enough. 

For me I feel like I'm not patient enough.  I can be quick to give up on something if I can't achieve it in a short time.  I often expect D and S to learn something quicker than is realistic for their ages.  As I continue taking pictures I sometimes feel like I'm not making progress.  I see out of focus photos, chopped off body parts, bad lighting, and blurry motion.  I want to see "perfect" photos straight out of the camera.  This desire is a combination of my impatience and high standards for myself.  

After last I night I realize that I…

Bathtime Fun

D went with Daddy to "Dad's Night" at school tonight.  So S got an extra long bath with lots of bubbles and toys.  He started by pouring a watering can full of water onto the floor and innocently saying "OOPSIE!"  After that he played contentedly with the toys and me.  I got a chance to practice taking indoor photos with my flash.  I try to use it as little as possible but the bathroom has horrible light. 

I think the photos came out fairly well. 

Fun Outside

Spring has sprung around our house ... at least until Tuesday when they're calling for more snow.  So yesterday we went to my parents' house to pick up D from her sleepover and let the kids run free in their backyard!

They made sure the play set was still in working order.

And even gave me some daffodils!

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 39 - Candid

I have no idea what D is doing here.  But obviously she had no idea I was taking her photo!

Project 365, Days 136-142

I took a lot of inside photos of items this week.  The weather has been a mix of snow, rain, and 70 degree sun.  We go outside when we can but it's so muddy right now it's just a mess!!  The focus on a lot of this week's photos is off because I've been trying to get the photos quickly and in poor light.  I promise to work on this for next week!!

Day 136 - Cheers
Day 137 - Shamrock
Day 138 - Duplicate I asked D to find some duplicate cars for me.  This is what she brought, saying they have the same hair.
Day 139 - 365
Day 140 - no prompt We finally got to play outside.  It's the first day of Spring ... YIPPEE!!
Day 141 - Spring I took this with my Lensbaby.
Day 142 - On their terms I asked D if I could take a picture of her and she said yes if I took it of her on the monkey bars.

Welcome Spring ... FINALLY!!

It's no secret we've had a crummy, cold, snowy, icy, windy winter.  When it snowed 8 inches this week I was ready to cry.  Enough is enough with winter!!

Today the weather is beautiful.  The sky is blue.  The sun is shining.  It's the first day of Spring and hopefully today is a preview of what's to come.  (Let's pretend the weathermen are not calling for the possibility of more snow on Tuesday.)

Of course we played outside today with our favorite spring toys - bubbles and chalk!

I am beyond ready for spring weather!  I want to play outside and take better pictures!

Lego Train

B bought the kids (and himself) a remote controlled Lego train.  They LOVE everything Lego and trains and are constantly asking to see / drive Pop-Pop's train set.  So we thought this would give the opportunity to build, drive, and play together.  It also couldn't have happened at a better time since we got another 6 inches of snow!

First, D and B had to put the station and cars together.

When S woke up from his nap he was not a happy boy.  There were lots of tears.  Then we came down the stairs and he saw the train.  Instant smiles and shrieks of "CHOO CHOO!!  CHOO CHOO!!"  He immediately headed for the middle and tried to catch the train as it passed.

Both kids got a chance to drive the train.  They shared pretty well.  D was happy to take turns but S wasn't so sure when he had to pass the remote over.

And of course no train is complete without a tunnel.