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Cracker Barrel Toys?

Last night my parents watched D and S so B and I could go out to dinner.  They took the kids to a local school playground then to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  The kids love Cracker Barrel, especially the grilled cheese and of course the many toys in the shop.  We (as the mean parents) say "no" to the many requests for toys.  But you know what happens we the grandparents take them ... the kids come home with a toy each!  S got a remote control car and D got a stuffed butterfly/fairy doll.

Even though D has strep and doesn't feel the greatest, they took them outside to play.

5 Years Old!

Where has the time gone?!?!  S turned 5 today!  He is a loving, snuggly, energetic, smart kid who makes us laugh everyday!
Today we laid low since he has (another) sinus infection!
He got a marble run which he loves!!!  He also got some additional pieces to his Sharkboat.


D's birthday was Sunday!  I don't know where the past 8 years have gone or how she has become the amazing kid she is.  It's true that time really does fly!

We started the day with some gifts and chocolate chip muffins!

Then D played with her new Spirograph!  We also went to the pool in the afternoon.

Of course no birthday is complete without cupcakes!