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Pool Time

After 3 feet of snow in January and 15 straight days of rain in May we are ready for SUMMER!  The past few days have beautifully hot and sunny.  

This weekend marks the start of summer, although D will quickly point out the first day of summer isn't until June 20.  What better way to kick off summer than time in the pool?

A Boy and His Train

It's no secret trains are a huge hit around our house!  S loves anything and everything associated with trains - books, toys, tv shows, real trains, etc.  You get the point.  We have a variety of trains which get played with during the week.  Today he pulled out a set D got him for Christmas.  The pieces make an oval and then the train cars attach with magnets to one another.  S played for 30 minutes making the track, delivering things on the train, and repairing the "damaged" tracks that he kept creating!

Project 52

I'm a little behind posting!  Here are April's project 52 photos.  Part of it has been busyness and part rain, rain, and more rain making outside photos impossible!

Week 14 - On My Lap

Week 15 - Playing a Game

Week 16 - Brushing Teeth

Week 17 - Laughing

Week 18 - At the Park

Happy Mother's Day

I had another wonderful Mother's Day with my family!  It started with breakfast and some hand picked shirts from B, D, and S.  Then we relaxed in the house until going over to my parents for the afternoon and dinner.

The kids got a chance to run and play outside after 12 (yes TWELVE) days of rain!

Happy Mother's Day!

Leaf Boats

Since it's been raining for the past week, S had begged to make leaf boats.  So today after getting D off to school for ventured off to find a place to sail some leaf boats.

We didn't have much luck sailing the boats.  There were puddles and water along the curbs but it wasn't moving fast enough to carry the leaves.

Since the boats didn't work so well, we changed to rock hunting!

And of course, what trip is complete without pretending to throw your umbrella in the drain?!?!