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Clemyjontri Park

Today we took a trip to Clemyjontri Park.  It's a park designed for all kids to play side by side.  There are ramps, slides, and wide walkways easy accessible for wheelchairs.  The balance beams are wide and have bars for support.  All of the ramps are accessible by walking or climbing.  

I promised D and S earlier in the summer we would take a trip up there.  We and planned to go 2 weeks ago but illnesses struck and we couldn't go.  The weather today was amazing, 80 with no humidity so we ventured out.  It took about 45 minutes to get there but was well worth the drive.  We spent 1.5 hours playing plus another 30 minutes to have a picnic lunch.  The kids had an amazing time.  S was a bit overwhelmed and didn't know where to go next.  He followed after D and insisted on doing everything she did (as you'll see).  They got to run, jump, climb, and slide until they were exhausted.  Plus there was a carrousel to ride!!

A to Z Summer Fun Recap

This week's letters were T and O.  We also worked in one of the X activities we didn't get to last week!

Take a Trip - We went to the Children's Museum that's close by.  I posted about it earlier in the week. But here are a couple of photos!

eXplore - We combined explore with this trip since we knew we'd get to explore lots of different rooms and activities!

Trampoline - We went to a local trampoline park with some friends on Tuesday.  The kids (and the moms) had a blast!  The kids could bounce anywhere in the facility because it was "Kid Flight."  There was bouncing, sliding, and jumping galore.

Outside Olympics - We combined the 2 O activities into one big one!  The events for out Olympics involved water and were created by the family members.

Splashing contest

Squishy Animal Toss

Obstacle Course

The winner of the coveted Golden Watering Can ....

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 4 - Trees

I've decided to use my Lensbaby for all of the Project 52 photos.  This will give me a chance to use the lens and practice with it.

Project 365, Days 262-268

I didn't use too many of the prompts this week.  Instead I took a lot of photos showing our week and what we did.

Day 262 - Where I Stand
Day 263 - No prompt Enjoying a brownie sundae
Day 264 - No prompt Trampoline park nearby
Day 265 - No prompt Children's Museum
Day 266 - In a Jar Edited with
Day 267 - No prompt Fun in the pools
Day 268 - In a Line

Children's Museum

The weather today was hot and humid ... no good for outside.  So I decided to try out the new children's museum near us.  It was a big hit!  

There are several rooms for imaginative play ...

Grocery store with small carts, cash registers, and play food
Restaurant with 2 booths, food, utensils, and kitchen tools
Dentist office with chair, large teeth, and x-rays
Bank with a vault that S insisted on trying to open 
Stage with dress up clothes
There's a place to make Lego cars and then race them.  This was a big hit with both kids!

Both kids were mesmerized with this series of tubes and forced air.  When you put in a ball of yarn or handkerchief it blew through the tubes and out.  They played here for a solid 15 minutes when we first arrived and returned to it several times during our trip.

D's favorite part was the tire climbing "thingy."  She climbed right up to ring the bell without stopping or looking back.  She climbed all around, up, and down for the majority of our ti…

Summer Fun A to Z ... Just one letter

I'm sooooo behind in everything after the sickness of the house.  That's why this post is coming Monday morning!

We only got to one letter of fun last week - E.  We had chosen 2 but just couldn't get anything else done.  So this week is extra fun with 3 letters!

Erupting snow - An idea I found on Pinterest that actually went well!  Mix together baking soda and shaving cream to make a cold, squishy material.  D and S enjoyed marching their animals and dinosaurs through it.  D covered a snow leopard with the snow so he could hide from the other animals.  Then we put vinegar in small bottles and squeezed it into the mixture.  It made tons of bubbles and created a slimy material.  This was a big hit and I promised the kids we'd do it again.

Exploding Sidewalk Chalk - This one didn't go as well as I had hoped.  The idea is to mix liquid water colors and vinegar in a baggie.  Then add baking soda, shake, and throw the baggie.  This mixture should cause a gas that forces the…