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Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 49 - Perspective
I took this sitting on the grass looking up at D.  In my Exposure class we learned how to get a sun flare and that's what I was going for.  I also like the perspective of looking up into the trees from below.

Project 365, Days 206 - 212
Day 206 - Twilight
Day 207 - Freedom I took this in Target with my iPhone.
Day 208 - Monochromatic Edited with PicMonkey
Day 209 - No prompt Working on taking silhouette shots
Day 210 - Safety
Day 211 - The present
Day 212 - Quiet  Taken with my Lensbaby

Last Day

Today was D's last day of preschool.  She's off to Kindergarten in the fall. 


Playing with Light

For the last 2 weeks my photography class has focused on playing with light to create different effects.  I'm LOVING doing this, even if the results are only so-so at this point.  I'm learning sooooo much great info.  But all of the new knowledge sometimes jumbles up in head and I forget what I need to do to get the effect I want.  I know I just need more practice. 

1.  Low light photos (without a flash) - higher ISO, wide open aperture (low f/stop), and shutter speed at least 50 if holding the camera
I took these using the light from candles on the cupcake B is holding.

2.  Sun flare - ISO low, closed aperture (f/11 or larger), shutter speed 1/250 or higher
I used spot metering to expose for the trees and then for D's face.

3.  Backlit or Silhouette - ISO low, mid aperture (f/8), shutter speed what works I used my gray card to set the exposure based on D's cheek.
This time, I set the exposure based on the light beside D's head.  I used spot metering but should have chang…

Memorial Day Weekend

For the first time in a while, Memorial Day weekend was beautiful all 3 days!  It was sunny and warm.  We took full advantage of the amazing weather and spent a lot of time outside!

Saturday we took the kids to the nursery and picked out flowers.  Then we planted them while S napped.

Sunday we went to the play area in the mall then played outside some more.

Today we made a quick trip to Target then more fun outside ...with squirt guns!

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 48 - Food

Project 365, Days 199-205

I'm taking a class about exposure right now and LOVE that I've gotten to use a gray card to set exposure.  It makes taking photos so much easier because I don't have to worry so much about changing settings all the time.  This week I used the gray card when I took all of these photos!!

Day 199 - Helpful D won the game we were playing when she drew this helpful card!
Day 200 - Where I stand In the middle of Legos and Fairies
Day 201 - Devotion They may fight ALL the time but they love each other with complete devotion!
Day 202 - Twenty
Day 203 - Beauty
Day 204 - Make Believe Fishing in Grandma and Grandpa's yard
Day 205 - No prompt I set the camera settings and B took the photo!


Yesterday was B's birthday.  We celebrated by dinner out and cupcakes at home.  I let the kids pick the type of cupcakes we made - Vanilla Funfetti.  I also let them choose the frosting - AQUA BLUE with fish sprinkles!!  You can imagine the mess this made ...

Bouncy Balls

WHAT?!?!  Bouncy balls aren't for actually bouncing on?  Could have fooled us!

Custom White Balance

I'm taking a photography course called "Exposure" through Capture Your 365.  Last week was a review of the exposure triangle and how to adjust settings.  This week we've learned to use a gray card to get the correct exposure.  I did this with little trouble and now have a new way to figure out my settings that is pretty quick.  Then we learned to set a custom white balance.  The purpose of this is to achieve the correct coloring in camera so less time is spent editing.  This was, and is a challenge for me.  I feel like my photos are coming out with a big golden tint.  I'm asking a lot of questions and learning a ton.  Custom white balance is definitely something I'll continue working on!

These are straight out of my camera and taken using my custom white balance.