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D's nightly "homework" so far this year is to read for 15 minutes.  For her this is a normal routine in the evenings so we've added a bit by also having her work on her site words.  

I try to vary what we do ... flashcards, memory games, stamps, spelling "tests," etc.  Right now she really likes doing the stamping.

Slice of Life, Week 1

I just finished week 1 of my new photography class "Slice of Life."  It's taught by Darrah Parker, a photographer I was introduced to in Momtographie.  This course focuses on taking photos of your life, without worrying about perfection!  It's about finding the beauty and details in the ordinary everyday things.  I've been struggling with finding things to photograph so this class should be a great fit for me!

This week's theme was what matters to you with a focus on our house.  Here are the photos I took (not all of them) and why they matter to me!

My morning coffee is the one part of the day where I can have some time to myself.  In a house of extroverts quiet time is a rare commodity.  But I know when I get up (at 6:00, an hour before everyone else) I'll have a few precious moments of quiet.  

This doll furniture is in D's room now.  But for many, many years it was in my own (childhood) bedroom.  For as long as I can remember my dad created some piece…

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 14 - Pattern

Project 365, Days 325 - 331

Day 325 - Hold On
Day 326 - No prompt
Day 327 - No prompt
Day 328 - 1
Day 329 - No prompt
Day 330 - No prompt
Day 331 - Friendly Face

Fun Friday

With D being off at school all day she feels like she's missing out on some "fun" stuff at home.  We've always been busy doing crafts, playing various things, and taking trips.  It's a bit hard for her to not get to do these things during the week.  So I've decided to implement "Fun Friday" after school!  I'm going to have a craft or special activity ready for us to do when she gets home.  We'll just relax and enjoy being together as a family after a busy week.

Tonight's activity was Zentangles coloring.  Zentangles are abstract pieces of art colored in any way you want.  I know D is missing the arts and crafts from home and preschool.  So I thought this would be a great activity for her.  SHE. LOVED. IT!!

Row, Row, Row Your ...


Yep, who needs fancy toys when you have a cardboard chip box?

Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 13 - Pink

Project 365, Days 318 - 324

Day 318 - A Mess These 2 together can be counted on to make a mess!
Day 319 - No prompt
Day 320 - The Eyes Have It
Day 321 - Circle
Day 322 - No prompt
Day 323 - Where I Stand
Day 324 - Reflection

Cars Fun

Like most little boys, S LOVES to play with cars!  After getting D off to school we pulled out the ramps and cars in the tv room.  We had a great time seeing which would go down the ramps without falling off and racing them around.  It was just simple, light-hearted joy!

"Mommy, where car go???"

Our Day

I realized I haven't been picking up my camera very often in the past couple of weeks.  I'll grab it really quickly to take a photo for my 365 project.  But I haven't been just shooting to capture our days and lives.  So I decided to go back to a project I learned about in Radiate ... take a picture every hour.

Here's what our day looked like when the clock struck :25 after the hour (or close to it).

6:25 Coffee!!!
7:25 Dressed and downstairs but not quite awake
8:25 Shoes on to head for the bus stop
9:25 Trip to Wal-mart
10:25 Frozen fun
11:25 Waiting for Grandma and Grandpa for lunch
12:25 Headed home (notice I'm not moving!!)
1:25 Mommy time while S naps
2:25 Cross stitching a sports picture for S's room
3:25 Snacktime!
4:25 D's home and playing princess
5:25  School time for the princesses
6:25 Surprise cupcake treats after dinner

7:25 Reading with D
8:25 Kids are in bed and writing my Daily 5 gratitudes