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Pumpkin Time

Last weekend we got our pumpkins - 2 big and 2 medium.  The plan was for the kids to help clean out the big ones and make a plan for us to carve.  Then they would get to paint the smaller ones however they wanted to.

Instead, B got to do all of the cleaning out.

The kids had no ideas of what they wanted the pumpkins to look like.  So B and I each used patterns we had to create our own.

The kids did paint their pumpkins.  At least that part of the plan worked out!


On Saturday we ventured off to a nearby pumpkin patch for some Fall fun!  

When we got out of the car S looked at the field of pumpkins and said "WOW!"  The kids took off towards the field of pumpkins to find the perfect pumpkins.

After choosing pumpkins they took a cow train ride!

They ended the trip by riding some tractors through the corn.

We had a great time!

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5 Minutes ... At the Park

S and I went to the park yesterday.  The weather was sunny and warm so when he asked to go I said "YES!"  We ran around on the play set pretending it was a boat.  Every couple of minutes S would announce there was a new hole someplace and race off to fix it.  Then he would tell me it was fixed and we could move on.  Not sure where we were headed but we had fun getting there!
I took out the camera for 5 minutes to catch a few pictures.

Yummy ... Cupcakes!

"Who wants some cupcakes?"

That's what I was asked as D and S ran through the house.  "Me! ME!"  I thought.  Then I realized there was no way they were making or buying cupcakes without me help.  But it turns out they were in fact making them all by themselves - with Legos!

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Mornings are challenging around our house.  I am not a morning person!  D is not a morning person! S is not a morning person!  We have a ton to do and it doesn't take much for somebody to lose their cool.  Some mornings are better than others.  Here's a peak at what we manage to get done each day before school.

Playing - S gets dressed by himself and comes down to play while D takes a bit of time to play in her room alone to wake up.

Breakfast - S is not a fan of breakfast!  Even when I ask him what he wants he always changes his mind to what D or I am eating.

Toothbrushing - This is not usually an issue ... except for the kids fighting over who goes first.

Headed out the door - Right now that includes shoes, backpack, and light jacket.  As the weather cools down we have gloves, hats, and heavy coats to put on.