Easy Outside Fun

For the third day in a row, the weather here has been amazing!  Highs near or just over 80 with low humidity.  The kids (and B and I) have spent a ton of time outside.  In fact the kids are playing outside with a friend as I type.  We couldn't ask for better weather right now.  Of course the temperature and humidity are supposed to increase as the week continues but I'm not going to complain (yet)!

We started the morning with more bubbles and bike riding on the driveway.  D and S have created some game where she rides after him because he's the "baddy."  They go in and out of the garage laughing the whole time.  There was also some bouncing on the neighbor's trampoline.

I promise S did NOT get hurt here!

While the kids did this I created an obstacle course on the driveway for them.

1.  Blow 2 bubbles

2. Jump in the circles

3.  Ride to the garage

4.  Draw a sun

I promised to make a bigger, wetter obstacle course later in the week!


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