Let's Rock

It's no secret our family is done with winter!  We are a family who loves, and needs, to go outside.  The kids need to run around int he yard and go to the park.  B and I need to play in the garden and chase the kids. 

Today the sun was shining but it was cold.  I braved the cold and took D outside to play in the driveway for a bit while S napped.  She soon found a bunch of rocks in one of our flower beds.  She carefully picked some up and examined them, telling me what was the same and different about them.  Then she lined them up near the garage and jumped over them one by one.  Next she spread them all over the driveway and ran between them.  Finally, she kicked them into the side flower gardens so we wouldn't trip or run over them.  We were only out for 15 minutes but it was glorious!!!  Plus now she and I are in much happier moods!

I also discovered our driveway gets excellent light in the middle of the day.  Our house and pipe stem have trees all over so the lighting is often shady in one spot and bright in another.  This makes photographing a challenge.  But it seems the front drive gets amazing, even mid day sun.  Thanks Momtographie 2.0 for helping me examine and realize this!


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