Selfies Take 1

This week's lesson in Momtographie 2.0 is to get into the photos instead of just stand behind the camera.  We've been challenged to take photos where we feel comfortable and show our true selves.  They don't have to be of our faces, just part of us.  Because it's important for our kids to see US in photos too!

So today I got out my tripod and remote from Christmas.  Then I found some good light throughout the house and set-up the tripod.  I tried to get the settings right in the camera and snapped away.  Here are the results from the first set of selfies.

What I learned today ...

  • The kids look truly happy in these photos!!  I must be doing something right :)
  • I need to focus a bit lower to avoid cutting off the top of my head.
  • S loves the remote and says "BEEP" whenever I get it out
  • I should turn off the light in the tv room before shooting
I'll have to remember these things when I take more photos this week!


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