Old School Bowling

In searching for an activity to do today, B found our styrofoam bowling ball.  He set up some plastic pirates and knights for the kids to roll the ball into.  Then he realized we have styrofoam pins to go with the ball.  So old school bowling was done in our hallway!  No Wii bowling ... actual ball and pins.  The kids loved it so much the game lasted about 40 minutes.  They took turns, rooted each other on, and played well together.

I also discovered our hallway gets amazing mid day light when the front door is open.  This week's photography class assignment was to find good light in not so great locations.  Our hallway definitely fits both of these!  I had to smash myself against the door to get the photos and it's narrow.  But the light is amazing and made these pictures look good!  Thanks for Momtographie 2.0 for making me examine light better.


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