Projects 52 and 365

Project 52, Week 35 - Motion

This was another easy week for taking a photo to match the subject!  My kids are constantly in motion.  We even got to go outside and move freely this week!

Throwing snow on the driveway!

Project 365, Days 108-114
I continued using the Capture Your 365 prompts to help me figure out what to photograph.  I also ventured outside with the kids since the weather cooperated a bit.  This gave me a chance to practice getting clear motion in my photos!

Day 108 - Visiting
Lego trains going through the tunnel to visit the Imaginext Rescue Center

Day 109 - Where I Stand

Day 110 - In the Front Yard

Day 111 - Two

Day 112 - Escape
A bike ride to escape from the house

Day 113 - Notice
The joy as S plays with Daddy

Day 114 - Oh Boy
My 2 year old!


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