Olympic Games Inside

We've been watching the Olympics around our house.  D has declared she would like to do the ice slide and also learn curling.  S is in awe of the ski jumpers and snowboarders.  He watches and says "OHHH ... fly!"

Today D created her own inside Olympic game ... blanket jumping.  She and S would run from one side of the play room and jump over a pink fuzzy blanket.  Whoever made it over was the gold medalist.  D was great at jumping over the blanket.  S just ran full speed towards me.

 Planning their strategy for the games.

First up ... D

Next ... S

Time to rehydrate!

This activity gave me a chance to try out a new focus setting on my camera - AI Servo.  It tracks the object in focus as they move.  I need to practice with this mode since most of my photos were out of focus.  This was a result of poor lighting in the house and not focusing in the right place (I think).  My Momtographie class is covering photographing motion this week so I'll be practicing a lot.  Hopefully we'll get outside where the light is better.  But of course they're calling for more snow on Wednesday and Thursday ... PLEASE NO!!!!


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