B took D to a birthday party today.  I had planned on taking her but my voice is gone for some reason and she wanted him to take her.  This gave S and I some time to play.  I asked him what he wanted to play with and he immediately said "Trucks!" and headed to the shelf where they all are.  

First he looked longingly out the front door for Daddy and D.

Then he remembered we had the trucks out.  These trucks move on their own when you push the button.  They sing and make music too.  The small one (in the top picture) wiggles side to side as it moves!  S loves them.

Finally, he decided to figure out how they worked.

It was fun to play with S and do what he wanted.  He's getting more verbal every day and is better able to tell you what he wants to do.  Sometimes this is done in a calm way and other times not so calm.  But at least he's learning to get his wants and needs out.


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